Baxter a.k.a Professor Rooblestein

This is Baxter, Mama's boy.  He arrived on Mother's Day 2000 and was young enough that Doe weaned him off baby food.  Baxter is a Nanday Conure...the 'clowns' of the parrot family.  We call him Professor Rooblestein because he's smarter than all of us!


Baxter is a blast at Christmas because he loves PRESENTS...which is the word he yells when he sees one!  He sits with Doe and opens his presents and isn't at all afraid of new toys.  He is also a real snuggler with his Mom & Dad.  He is not at all social with other people, common for many birds, but that's okay cuz he's our little man and we love him! 


Guess we mentioned he was a clown!  He likes to help his Ma put new toys in his room and loves to swing on the end of his or out of his cage. 


Baxter has a little 'fort' on the top of his cage which is a favorite place to get love and attention.  This little man also LOVES his food!  Yes...that's peas all over his face!


Welcome to Birdland!! think our birds are spoiled...ha!  They are pampered and there IS a difference!  The Sierra Foothills of California are full of Manzanita, which just so happens to be one of the primary wood choices for bird perches sold in pet stores.  Since we have nearly three acres of it, our birds get an entire Manzanita tree in the house for a playground! Can you find Monty and The Professor in the picture on the right?  


Professor Rooblestein (sometimes called Orange Pants!) will be five-years-old Mother's Day 2005.  Baxter is a very good talker, his words are very clear and his vocabulary consists of several sentences.  Being so young (his life span could easily be to 45 or 50 human years), most of the time when he talks it's in a whisper.  This is quite common for young birds, they don't like to speak loudly until they have the confidence that they are speaking correctly.  Bye for now!!