The Bodacious Budd Meister of Quake County 

October 17th, 1989 - December 15th, 2000

On October 17th, 1989 we lived in Gilroy California when the big earthquake hit.  Our neighborhood had severe damage, us included.  The morning after, as we gathered with the neighbors out front to plan the clean up, we saw a little white ball under a bush in our front yard.  He was wearing no ID and we tried for two weeks to locate his family.  With no luck, we decided to keep him.  When we took him to the vet, it was determined he was about 9-months-old and small for his age.  You can see he was very skinny.


Budd fit in with our family immediately and by Christmas 1989, only two months after we found him, he had already gained weight and was looking gorgeous.  He quickly became Mama's boy and our existing family of three cats all took to him from the beginning...that's not to say he wasn't pushed around a bit!  All our cats are indoor only and Budd seemed to appreciate that after being out fending for himself. 


Budd would play fetch for hours if you let him! A game he loved to play with guests, especially those who made it clear they don't appreciate cats.  We had the fortunate experience of meeting a breeder of Red Lynx Siamese cats and determined that Budd looked exactly like her menagerie of cats.  We spoke to her about personality and voice characteristics, when combined with his looks there was no doubt that our little man was a purebred. 


Budd was always a great companion.  He would keep his Ma company when she was sick or help Dad work from home.  He had such a gentle spirit.  He never met a cat, dog or person he didn't like.


Budd Meister wished to participate in everything we did.  We often thought he was more like a dog in a cat suit!  He loved to help us play board games or cards, which always entertained our guests.  Budd also loved the fireplace.  One time he fell asleep so close to the fire that he singed his whiskers!  Sitting with his Ma by the fireplace was our special time.


Budd used to come up to Pine Grove on weekends with us before we moved here.  He loved traveling with us and feeling special because  for three years he was the only one who got to come with Mom and Dad for the weekend.  Budd also loved his toy box and thoroughly enjoyed dumping all the toys out and laying among them after Mom put them all away!


Budd and Ginger became best friends in early 1994.  Our Manfred had passed away and we didn't want to leave Ginger alone in the backyard when we came to Pine Grove for the weekend.  So, we loaded Ginger and Budd into the car and off we went.  Three hours later we arrived in Pine Grove and these two were best friends for life! 

At 8-years-old, we found an external growth on his belly.  Though caught early, he was given three months to live with a very aggressive form of cancer.  Choosing not to put him through chemo or radiation therapy, Doe began an intensive search for holistic help.  She found an old Chinese tea that had proven to significantly slow down this type of cancer.  Budd gladly drank his tea every day and it bought him two years of a good quality life with our family.


Our Budd's last day.  His nail bed became infected, with a compromised immune system he began to succumb to the cancer.  We promised ourselves and Budd that we would not let him suffer only to have another day with him.  Our wonderful vet helped us fight the infection in the hopes that his body would find the strength to recover, but within one week he was losing weight quickly and it was time.  Being dear friends, Ginger came with us to euthanize Budd.  Knowing that animals mourn, we wanted Ginger to understand that Budd wasn't coming back.  Though she mourned his loss as we did, she didn't look for him.  To this day we all miss Budd Meister...we were blessed to have him in our life.