Our Sir Aanson Flloyd Fuzzibut

Father's Day 1981 - October 1994

Aanson Flloyd also known as Duddley Dude was born on Father's Day, 1981.  His mother was a feral cat that we tamed just in time for her to have her babies in our home while we watched the miracle.  Duddley is the one with his mouth open...he was a talker!  His brother Sam is on the left and was adopted out.


From early on, Duddley was Mama's boy, but to him Doe wasn't his Mom as much as His Woman!  He would turn his head side ways and kiss her on the lips.  He was often jealous of Ron, though all he did to show that was nudge in on kissing and join us.  


Aanson developed a passion for those rabbit foot toys, he distinctly preferred green ones.  He liked to play fetch with them, until one day we started throwing them in an attempt to get them in one of the holes of this cat tree.  He got so good playing defense to hit it so it wouldn't go in a hole that he'd let us get it in the first four times, then he'd knock it out of the air five times in a row...winning the game with five points!


The winner!!  Game point! Duddley was a handsome boy with an attitude.     


He had an incredibly expressive face.  When it was bedtime, if we didn't stay on schedule, Duddley would head upstairs, lay on our bed and yell for us.  The amazing part is that we could swear he was yelling 'Mama', we had company over the years that can back us up on that one! 


In the October 1989 earthquake, Duddley declawed his hind feet while attempting to escape the falling debris.  He literally left his hind claws in the carpet.  Once the bandages were removed, he ended up with a secondary infection.  Though he finally healed, his immune system was never the same.  Several times a year he would get an upper respiratory infection, but after being treated with antibiotics the first couple of times and being told he was a carrier, we put him on Vitamin C at the first sign of a cough and it worked so well that he would refuse his meal if he'd coughed that day and didn't have vitamin C in his meal!


We lost our King in October of 1994.  He had been to the vet three weeks prior because he just wasn't himself.  No tests were done, we didn't know to ask and he was scheduled to come back in four weeks for a teeth cleaning.  Two weeks after his visit to the vet he went into kidney failure.  We kept him on dialysis for several days in hopes that his kidneys would recover.  They didn't, so we brought him home to say good bye to his family before setting his spirit free.