Our Ginger a.k.a. Sweet Petunia

Ginger was adopted in 1992.  A precious little pup that had been so abused that when you approached her pen she would cower in the back.  The adoption agency had removed her from being adoptable, but we talked them into letting us hold her.  As soon as we approached the pen, she came to the front, tail wagging just like a normal pup would react.  There was no doubt she was our girl!


This gentle spirit quickly grew into a beautiful lady who was a wonderful protector, gentle companion and a dog who truly liked other animals...dogs & cats alike! 


Ginger had the awesome benefit of being raised by our Manfred (you'll find him under Kids of Old).  He taught Ginger how much fun it was to play fetch, with a Frisbee or ball and on a hot day cool off in the sprinklers!


In the spring of 1994, we moved with Ginger up here to paradise.  She was two years old and quickly learned how much fun it was to have acreage and run with friends!  Her friend Samson liked to visit!


Prior to her Lupus, Ginger was a great companion for Doe on photo shoots.  Doe felt safe with Ginger as her side-kick, Ginger scared off even the creepiest of characters! She loves vacationing with us to, especially camping!


Ginger's best friend was our Budd Meister.  You'll find pictures of Ginger and Budd's friendship when you meet Budd. She also loves to play with her friend Jewel who is our neighbor's dog.  Ginger has been playing with Jewel since Jewel was a little puppy and their favorite of all playtime is when it's a snow day!

In 2001, after losing Budd in 2000 we adopted kittens knowing that Ginger would help raise the next generation to understand that dogs make great friends.  Oli on the left with Ginger and James on the right.  They both love her and trust her completely.       


In 2004, we decided it was time to get the next generation started while Ginger was still healthy enough to help raise the new pup.  Apparently Ging thought it a fine idea!  She took to little Ossa Jiordan immediately and has been a wonderful big sister.  Ginger was so patient and so gentle with her.

Until Little Jio was about six months old, Ginger supervised the kid almost constantly.  Taught her how to play, house trained her and won't let the kid talk back!  Ossa completely understands that Ginger is in charge and listens to every word.


In 2005 Ginger is now a 13-year-old lady.  She has survived Lupus for four years, both knees have been operated on leaving her with severe arthritis and recently is being treated for hyperthyroidism...but as you can see her spirit is still strong.  She goes to the Doggy Spa every six weeks for a trim to keep her long locks short enough to not cause her painful grooming, she receives a full body massage and hot oil treatment.  She comes home feeling like a movie star! She can't wrestle with Ossa or her friend Jewel but she acts as the referee and gets good exercise keeping the young pups in line!

Tune back often for updates on our old lady!