Our Heidi

August 1980 - October 1991

We adopted Heidi the year we were married.  She was Doe's first dog, having only cats until then.  Heidi was a German Shepherd and Husky mix who was big when we got her as a puppy and grew to a 120-pound dog!


She grew so fast, but was Mama's girl from the start.  Unfortunately, she never understood, even at her full growth, why she couldn't be a lap dog!! 


At a year old, she was already a beautiful dog.  Really the only 'characteristic' of the Husky that we could ever see in her was her undercoat, otherwise she looked primarily shepherd. 


Heidi was not the brightest dog in the world...if she couldn't eat it, she had no interest.  So, she didn't play with toys much and when you let her in the house she would do dumb things like run up the stairs, but then whine at the top too afraid to come down.  She was a love though and she fell head over heels for Manfred when we adopted him in 1983.  


Heidi developed hip dysplasia when she was seven.  At the time there wasn't much that could be done with this ailment.  Manfred, the love of her life, would force her to go for a walk with him several times a day, which we're sure kept her comfortable until she collapsed in 1991.