Oliver Zeus and Bartholamew James

Our little cherubs arrived May 2001.  The picture on the left shows James' magnificent wildcat markings which he never lost.  In the picture on the right, Oliver is the one with the toy on the right.  During their first few months, it was impossible for anyone but us to tell them apart.  They are brothers, abandoned and rescued by two wonderful women who dedicate their lives to rescue of feral cats and conditioning them for adoption.  This was their first week with us.


Oliver or as we now call him Mister Nuhman Puhman (or just as often Norman!) is on the left.  He is the King of the household and the alpha of the two brothers.  Sweet Baby James (on the right) has always looked up to his brother and is honestly pleased with not being in charge...though that's not to say he doesn't stick up for himself.  Oli is Dad's boy and James is Mommy's little man. 


These brothers have been close since they were kittens.  James loves nothing more than to snuggle with his brother.  On the right is James playing with Dad while Ginger (our referee) supervises the play hour!


See...here they are at the age of two and they are still being caught snuggling with each other!  Are you able to tell them apart now?  James is in the red collar in the picture on the left and Oli is the one closest to the camera in the picture on the right.  Oli is already getting very dark gray on his back.


Oli (on the left), his whites became cream and tan, his markings are very dark except on his tummy.  James (on the right), his whites stayed white and his silver coat lightened while his black markings darkened.  Aren't they precious little cherubs?


Here are our boys Christmas 2004.  Almost four-years-old. James on the left and Oli on the right with a new mousy...he loves his mousies!  Okay, so Norman is a bit hefty...hahaha!  James stayed thin and svelte while Norman became husky like a football player!  Our sweet little cherubs are such wonderful cats.  They understand the birds are family members to love not eat and they never heard the one about the cats and dogs that fought with each other!