Our Katrina

August 1980 - New Years Eve 2001

Miss Katrina was Ron's first cat.  He picked Doe up from work on the motorcycle with this kitten in a box strapped to the rack on the bike.  Doe, feeling it was horribly unsafe for the kitten, zipped her up inside her jacket with Katrina's head under the shield of her helmet.  She purred all the way home!  Daddy's girl alright!


Katrina, also called 'Teenbody' was such a perfect girl for Ron.  She loved her Daddy and would put up with Doe only because she was the one who fed her and cleaned the litter box! 


Daddy's little girl.  She was in love with her Dad and actually had a 'thing' for men.  She would introduce herself to any man that came to the house by standing in their lap with her tail in their face!  Women, including Doe were to be ignored.  She became the Queen of the house and apparently human women were beneath her!


Katrina was a snuggler with our other cats though.  The only female cat she napped with was the cat Doe had when she married Ron named Sasha (the Siamese), but she would nap with any and all of the male cats!   


Her favorite man though was our King Sir Aanson Flloyd Fuzzibut.  He was the only cat she would groom.  All the other cats were expected to groom her, but she rarely reciprocated unless it was with her King.


Katrina lived a very long and healthy life.  She was never sick and when her time came at the age of twenty-one, her body simply began to shut down over a period of 72 hours.  Ron was home for the holidays, and both of us being trained in emergency animal care, we knew she was not suffering.  Her breathing remained steady, she simply weakened.  She slept with her Dad that night and in the morning was too weak to move.  She lay in bed while all of us, other pets included stopped by to kiss her and then she took her last breath.  It was a beautiful way to lose a beloved pet.