Our Manfred

April 22, 1983 - April 1994

Manfred was a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Shepherd mix who we adopted at 10 weeks old in 1983.  He was Dad's little guy and little did we know, apparently our Heidi dog's soul mate!


Manfred was a very gentle spirit, he was a very good puppy who gave us absolutely no trouble.  He didn't chew what he wasn't supposed to, he didn't dig, he always came when you called him...he was simply a perfect pup who grew into a magnificently perfect dog! 


Though Heidi was nearing 3-years-old by the time we adopted Fred, their relationship quickly became one that would be best described as 'husband and wife' or 'life partners'.  Heidi was spayed, but we never did neuter Manfred.  Fred would groom Heidi and kiss her face and neck...in return she would let him...well you know!


Manfred who was ninety-pounds at a healthy weight, was the most agile large dog we'd ever been around.  He could jump several feet and you'd never hear him land.  Fred was an outstanding protector and proved that one day when the neighbor's large shepherd came over the fence after being drugged by kids.  Manfred was between us and this aggressive dog before we even knew anything was happening.  


In January 1994, while Ron was overseas on business, Manfred became severely bloated.  Doe rushed him to the vet and was sent to an emergency hospital in Santa Cruz.  After an ultra sound and x-rays, Doe was told he had bleeding tumors throughout his body.  She had 20 minutes to save his life or put him down.  Feeling that Ron needed to able to say farewell to his friend, she authorized major surgery to remove his spleen and as many of the tumors as possible.  Fred only lived another three months, but Ron and Manfred were able to say their good byes.