Mister Montavia Boyd

This is Monty at 6-months, he's an Indian Ringneck Parakeet.  Monty was a birthday present for Ron in 1998.  Also known as Mister Bob, he's a wonderful bird and the perfect traveling companion for Ron.  Bob has traveled back and forth to the bay area with Ron since he was a baby and loves being with his Dad. 


Ron has always loved birds...Doe not so much, until this Wee Green Lad came into her life.  Monty has been a love and a kisser from day one.  He has such a gentle spirit.  By his first birthday, there was a slight indication of a ring starting to come in around his neck...it became clear at that point that he was indeed a Mister and not a Madam...hahaha! 


At almost two-years-old, Bob is learning to really LOVE playing in his little pool of warm water!


Mister Bob likes to share Dad's beer, but not really!  He likes to chatter into the bottle because of the sound.


Today Mister Montavia Boyd is seven-years-old.  His ring is a gorgeous salmon, turquoise and black.  Handsome dude isn't he?