Ossa Jiordan a.k.a. Jio Jio

Early in 2004, after having Ginger put through the annual gamut of tests to ensure that our old girl was still 'holding her own', we both decided it was time to bring in the next generation so Ginger could help us raise her.  So the search began for Jiordan.  We had already 'dreamed' of her and knew we would name our new little girl Jiordan.  Believing strongly in rescue, we began the search through adoption agencies.  Little Ossa was being raised by a wonderful foster mom who volunteers for our local animal shelter.  We went to meet Ossa and undergo a very thorough interrogation by her dedicated foster mother.  Since she already knew her name at only 7 weeks old, we combined her name with what we wanted to call her and we brought Ossa Jiordan home June 6th, 2004.


Little Jio with her Daddy her first day home.  We set up a playpen in the family room.  When Jio needed to nap, eat or simply just rest that was her safe place away from Ginger, the cats and the new environment.  Her first two weeks with us was exhausting to say the least, but only because to us she was truly a baby not just a puppy.


Now 11-weeks old, Jio is proving that she understands the privilege of laying on the couch with the family.  On the (right), Jio and Mom went to a weekly puppy socializing class and she met her first dog friend; Felena.  Felena is the dog of the lady who helps run the class and by the 2nd week, Felena & Jio had convinced their moms to come a half hour early to class so the two of them could play in the pool without the other puppies!



On the left is Jio at 4-months-old.  She was old enough for her first visit to the doggie spa for a bath and spa treatment!  Center is her giving Oli a good night kiss in our bed, she's 8-months old there.  Going to puppy socialization class, she quickly learned to love water so we gave her a kiddy wading pool in the summer out on the deck.


Poor Jio Jio, such abuse!  Ossa is an amazing puppy in many ways, but she is particularly sensitive to Ginger's 'disabilities'.  Ginger can't stand up and wrestle with a 50+ pound pup.  So almost from day one, Jio has learned to engage Ginger in doggy fun while laying down and not being too rough.  She has never, ever been rough with Ginger...that has to be communication on their part.


Wow, they grow up so fast!  Jio has made her 2nd friend who she can wrestle with or just hang with, our next door neighbor's dog; Jewel.  They play with each other nearly every day now that Jio is almost a year old and understands the rules.


Our little Ossa Jio was a year old on April 4th, 2005.  Call us nuts, but we had a little party for her with a few friends who stopped in for a few minutes to get some great puppy kisses from a big girl!