Ron and Doe's Furred & Feathered Family

In our twenty-five years together, we are honored to have shared our lives with so many magnificent pets...though from hereon in they will be referred to as our 'kids', because the word 'pet' is not used in our home...for they are never possessions, but family members.

  Our kids will be shown in two areas; Our Kids of Old, meaning those who now live only in our memories, and Our Family; those who currently pay the mortgage so Ron and I can live in this nice house and take care of them!

Our Family

In Order of Seniority 

Born July 1992


Our Sweet Petunia


13 Years Old This Year

Born May 1998

Montavia Boyd

Our Mister Bob

Almost 7-Years-Old

Born March 2000


Our Professor Rooblestein

Now 5-yrs-old

Born March 2001

Oliver Zeus

He's our King

He's 4-years-old

Oli and James are brothers, with Oliver being our King Zeus!

Born March 2001

Bartholomew James

Our Sweet Baby James

Also 4 years old this year

Born April 4th, 2004

Ossa Jiordan

She's the baby of the family!

She just turned One!


Our Kids of Old


Born April 22, 1983


Left Us April 1994

Left Us October 1991


Born 1980

Left Us December 31st, 2001


'The Queen'


Born 1980

Born May 1981



Left Us November 2002

Born Father's Day 1981

Sir Aanson Floyyd Fuzzibut

'The King'


Left Us October 1994

Born February 1989

The Bodacious Budd Miester of Quake County

Left Us December 2000

Others we will always remember