Our Patches

May 1981 - November 2003

Patches joined our family in October of 1981.  She belonged to a friend of ours who was not supposed to have pets and when the landlord found out, Patches needed a new home.  She was 6-months-old and at the time we had five cats, so what was six!  

Patches was very much 'our' girl.  She loved us equally and would get her time in whenever she could...whomever was available would do!  She was a really good cat, can't remember a single time she ever did anything wrong in all of her twenty-two years.   




Patches, we often called her Clown Boop, was a little girl her entire life.  She was the least 'changed' of our cats, in both physical appearance and purrsonality.  When you bounced a toy in front of her, she was always looking up when the toy was going down and she was the one who never could stop on the linoleum during a good game of cat tag!


Boop was healthy up until her body just got too old.  She was never sick a day in her long life.  When Budd joined the family, she was nearly nine-years-old and overweight.  Though initially she picked on him a fair amount, they became playmates and by the age of ten she was in great shape!


Though Patches got along with all the cats and never complained about a thing, we could tell that she had a deep desire to be the Queen of the house.  Little did we know she would live long enough to achieve her goal! 


Patches was the last of our 'first generation' to go.  She said goodbye to many family members before it was time for us to say good bye to her.  At nearly twenty-three, we made the decision to let her rest and set her spirit free.  Her body was simply too old and we felt she had lived such a long happy life it was time to go with some dignity.