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Look over these pet portraits to determine if my style is a good choice for you

   This adorable fellow is "Cruz".  Shown here is the owner's photograph and my portrait.  Though the original photo is really pleasing, my feeling was that if I painted Cruz as a full-body portrait, his precious personality which shows so well on his face, would not provide the impact that one would expect from a painting.  By cropping in on his upper body I was able to better render his personality.





These lovely felines starting top left are Tony, Missy, Thicket and bottom right is Shelby.  At the time of this portrait, Thicket is the sole remaining member of this feline family.  The owner gave me photographs of all four and hoped I would be able to paint them together.  

Take a look at the photographs below to see the originals and compare them to the painted portrait.










This is my girl Ginger.  She was an Australian Sheppard and German Sheppard mix.  A beautiful combination, inside and out.


The photograph that this was painted from is below...





More to come...