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The prices listed here are a starting point.  Though most pet portraits will fall into these categories, there will always be exceptions based on what the customer would like to see.

Single Pet Cameo Portrait

A cameo portrait is basically the head and shoulders of your pet.

Canvas Size: 8 x 10 $150.00
Canvas Size: 11 x 14 $300.00


More Than One Pet Cameo in Same Portrait

The first pet is $150.00 each additional pet in the same portrait is an additional fee

Canvas Size 2 Pets 3 Pets More than 3
8 x 10 Canvas Print + $50 + $100 Call
11 x 14 Canvas Print + $100 + $200 Call


Full-Body portraits and portraits with backgrounds

Call for a quote

This is an introductory offer.  All prices are subject to change without notice.