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   Hello, I'm Doreen Erhardt and this is my girl Ginger with whom I shared fourteen beautiful years of companionship and unconditional love.  For many of us our pets are part of our family, they're our best friends and to some our ’kids’.  When they pass they take a part of our heart with them and we are left with photographs and memories.  

   I am a photographic artist, who has recently added custom pet portraits to my list of artistic offerings.  Though I certainly can take photographs of pets, much of the time the friends we would like to memorialize in a painting are those we’ve already lost or are soon to leave us...our memories are captured in the photographs we have taken throughout the years they’ve shared with us.

   Those moments when we caught the expression we will always remember ...that one photo when their true personality was captured by your camera.  Those are the memories that I can help you cherish by rendering in a digital oil portrait.















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