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Motorcycles are Ron's passion

"One can never have too many motorcycles" is Ron's philosophy. Okay, so there actually is
such a thing as too many bikes; but currently I have seven of them. Below are some
pics of my current stable, along with some relevant information and a comment or two.

And now on to the pictures, youngest bike first:

2004 Triumph Thruxton 900 - 'AJ'
AJ in Pine Grove'
My 2004 Triumph Thruxton 900, named
AJ for two of our family members. He's a
real retro cafe racer, and a pretty good
one, too :)
AJ in Pine Grove'
AJ resting along Hwy 1 near Big Sur on
his first real 'ryde' - down to Cambria
in October 2004 for a Brit bike meet.
This picture was taken after we had
ridden about 60 miles of lovely coast
in the rain. The Thruxton was a very
capable and steady mount in those con-

1997 Triumph Trophy 900 - 'Katrina'
AJ in Pine Grove'
Me and my '97 Triumph Trophy 900,
named Katrina after my first cat.
She is, after all, very slinky for
a touring bike. This was when she
was brand new. Doe and I took a
short trip to one of the local Gold
Country towns.
AJ in Pine Grove'
A more recent pic of this sexy bike
after we added the cavernous trunk.
The trunk doubles nicely as a back
rest for Doe, and carries about as
much stuff as one needs to carry on
a motorbike.

1985 Honda V65 Sabre - 'Sadie'
AJ in Pine Grove'
My lovely Sadie, a decent example
of a 1985 VF1100S. Honda only made
the big Sabre for two years, which
is a surprise considering what a
wonderfully reliable and versatile
bike she is! Here she is loaded up
with camping gear about to embark
on the first 'SabMagWest' event in
August 1996.
AJ in Pine Grove'
A more recent pic of the old girl,
taken in 2002 after I added that
rack and trunk to her equipment.
She still cleans up real nice for
a bike her age, and has cost me a
cool ZERO in repair costs in the
eleven years I've owned her.

1984 Honda V65 Magna - 'Soul Man'
AJ in Pine Grove'
My '84 VF1100C, as he arrived in
Pine Grove. A rolling chassis in
need of some TLC and a few parts
to make him whole and healthy.
AJ in Pine Grove'
After many hours of work and a few
basics like a seat, mufflers, and
a windshield, Soul Man is at last
ready to terrorize the neighborhood

1983 Honda RC15 Interceptor - 'Seven of Nine'
AJ in Pine Grove'
The last of my Honda V-Fours is
a somewhat rare limitted produc-
tion RC15 Interceptor. She was in
a condition not that different
from Soul Man when I got her from
the original owner in 2001. Here
she is posing in front of the crates
which hold the two newest stable
members (see below).

Don't let those subtle curves
fool you, that little V4 under
those sexy parts is the real
thing - a Stage 2 race-spec
mill putting out more than 110
horses at the rear wheel. Not too
shabby for a 22 year old 750.

This old girl still flies!

1964 BMW R50/2 - 'VroomHilde'
VroomHilde in the crate
Now this is a classic motorbike!
I arranged for the purchase of
this sweet piece of history from
a dear friend in Manila in October
2004. Here she is after nearly 3
months in this crate, finally in
the sunlight for the first time
She is destined to sport a retro
sidehack rig, so our dog Ossa can
join Doe on local outings. :)
VroomHilde in the crate
Speaking of Doe, here she is astride
the bike she has claimed for her
own. Fits her like a glove!

1974 Triumph T120V Bonneville - 'Aleina'
Basketcase Bonneville
This one is a project, to be sure.
One of the last of the 650 Bonnies
produced (in September '73, the
same month the Meriden factory was
shut down by a worker sit-in), it
has a very special place in my
stable. My first 'big bike' was
a '66 650 Bonneville, and this
one will be restored, with just a
few custom 'cafe racer' bits to
make her mine.
Aleina's fuel tank cleaned up
Here's her fuel tank after just a
minutes of TLC. Looks good!

More to come :)